WiFi Deauther ESP8266 Plug&Play Jammer Walkuer Technology Firmware v3.0

WiFi Deauther ESP8266 Plug&Play Jammer Walkuer Technology Firmware v3.0

€ 10,95


  • Multilingual web interface: German and English
  • All boards are 100% tested for their functionality.
  • Just plug in and start immediately (Plug&Play).
  • This ESP8266 WiFi Jammer/Deauther is very easy to use and no additional firmware flashing or configuration is required!
  • The ESP8266 comes with the brand new firmware v3.0 from Walkür Technology Germany.
  • You can power the ESP8266 W-Lan Deauther via the USB port of your computer, the charging port of your cell phone, your cell phone charger or a power bank.

WiFi jammer and Deauther Board

New Version: 3.0 from Walkuer Technology Germany


WiFi Deauther jammer V3 Walkür Technology

Short instruction:

  1. Connect the ESP8266 W-Lan Deauther to a power supply via PC/MAC/Phone USB-Port/Mobile Phone Charger/Power Bank etc.
  2. Open the list of W-Lan networks from your device (you can use a PC, MAC, Ipad, Iphone, Android device).
  3. Choose Walkuer-Technology SSID and connect to it, the password is 13371337.
  4. Open your browser and enter in the address field.
  5. Scan for networks and select your target SSID/router/ device.
  6. Switch to the Attacks tab and select the desired attack method.
  7. That's all!

WiFi Deauther New Version: 3.0 from Walkuer Technology Germany

Deauther Interface Walkuer Technology


The Deauther provides the following functions:

    Admin interface for access with the browser (PC/Laptop/Smartphone)

    • Scanning:

      • Scan for access points / routers

      • Scan for connected devices

    • Attack

      • Targeted attack on selected or individual routers

      • Attack all routers in the environment.

      • Targeted attacking of selected or single devices which were found.

      • Attack all found devices

      • Paralyse entire areas within reach of the Jamming Deauther

      • Probe Request and Probe Response and Beacons

        • Automatic sending of Probe Request, which allows them to request a beacon with information from all access points within range via broadcast. In response, the Deauther Jammer receives a "Probe Response" with the network name (SSID) and information for authentication and encryption.

        • Sending beacons. It is possible to pretend to be a foreign router by clicking "Clone" and increasing the beacon interval. This way devices of foreign routers will no longer connect to the actual router, but to the Deauther. So it is possible e.g. to track the network traffic of a person unnoticed. Please read the further article, to understand what it is and how it works exactly.

    • Faking/spoofing

      • Cloning SSIDS

      • Pretend to be a foreign router

      • Mass creation of routers/APs

    • Many configuration options

    • Information page on how to use the Deauther and support options


Fast delivery. Works perfectly

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Perfect for beginners. Very easy to use

2020-08-20 13:43:11 -

Geile Sache. Das funktioniert!! Lieferung war prompt 5 Sterne von mir

2020-08-20 15:30:58 -
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