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Excellent experience in various areas of IT-Technology


Individual programming work for web applications: HTML, PHP, JAVA, ASP, SQL,MSSQL and many more.


Development of process flows, 3D models, and smart home solutions.

IT Security

IT security is a major topic and is becoming increasingly important. We would be happy to advise you in the various areas that are important to you. Put a stop to hackers.

Hardware solutions

We develop individual hardware solutions for you to simplify your processes. Whether at home (Smarthome) or on business. By individual production every problem can be eliminated to simplify your everyday life.

Web design

We adapt your Internet presence Individual to your desired design, so that you can stand out from the crowd to present yourself uniquely.

Server administration

We set up your server perfectly for you, according to your wishes.


We offer a wide range of products for your everyday life. From jewellery and accessories to technology and everyday objects.

Online Shop Setup

If you have been thinking about expanding your business and buying an online shop, you are on the safe side with us when it comes to advice and setup.

WGD 2.0 BadUSB

Read out Wi-Fi passwords with the WGD 2.0 BadUSB WiFI. Child's play, isn't it?

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Attack variants
WGD 2.0 BadUSB WiFI Walkür Technology

Computer Hacking with a USB stick?

WGD 2.0 BadUSB WiFi from Walkür Technology

The WGD 2.0 WIFI combines the BadUSB features with a wireless connection via WLAN. In this type of attack, a microcontroller acts as a USB keyboard (BadUSB), allowing keyboard commands to be automated via a web browser and executed quickly in seconds. A keyboard is considered trustworthy by most operating systems by default, but at the same time a computer can still be controlled completely by keyboard input, which makes a variety of attacks possible.

  • Payload Generator: Easily generate attacks with our attack generator
  • Wi-Fi: Execute attacks with the smartphone
  • Autorun: Plug the WGD USB stick into the USB port, attack is fully automatic
  • Mail Wi-Fi passwords, computer information, reverse shell, download files and much more

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Deauther WDD 2.0 Wlan störsender jammer

Deauther W.D.D. 2.0

Advanced functions:

  • NEW: Firmware Version 3.0 | harder attack mode
  • NEW: External 12 decibel (dBi) antenna to increase range up to 4*
  • NEW: 0,96“ OLED Display
  • NEW: Pushbuttons
  • NEW: Modular design to increase robustness
  • NEW: Magnetic charging socket and LED-USB cable
  • NEU: RBG-Status-LED
You can easily operate the Deauther from your smartphone, PC or the built-in display and perform a variety of actions to test wireless networks.
The main feature, the de-authentication attack, is used to disconnect devices from their WiFi network.

When you switch on the device, you can operate it directly via the built-in display or access the Deauther WDD 2.0 user interface with your cell phone or smartphone. You can disable targeted attacks or attacks that affect all routers or access points in the vicinity/range.

You are able to disconnect any connected device automatically and permanently from the Wi-Fi network. The other devices connected to the routers can no longer establish an Internet connection.
Sie brauchen dazu keinen Zugriff auf den Router oder gar ein Passwort.
It is also possible to cut off individual devices from the Internet or network.
This device is a powerful tool and extremely easy to use. You do not need any expert knowledge.
It's just like using a simple APP. Our technology does the rest.
The WDD 2.0 has a built-in battery and is therefore mobile and fits in every pocket.

Wi-Fi, hacking, 1A electronics and an elegant design in one.

But please handle this tool/device responsibly and do not use it against others without their permission!


  • Paralyse all Wi-Fi networks in the area
  • Disabling of individual routers
  • Paralysis of individual devices in the Wi-Fi network
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with a capacity of 3 hours
  • Permanent operation possible
  • Mobile use
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Access to the admin interface with all smartphone models
  • Access to the admin interface with the computer/laptop/Mac/Linux etc.
  • Scanning of Wi-Fi networks in the environment
  • Advanced network device scanning and discovery
  • SSID spoofing (manipulation) and faking of wireless hotspots
  • 3 different types of attacks
  • Many configuration options
WDD Deauther Details

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